The Paradigm of Pride

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We live in a world that promotes progress. We celebrate those who accomplish much and make heroes of long-shots that defy seemingly impossible odds. At the root of this paradigm lies pride. Hard work, sacrifice and dedication all play a role in the creation of success but unfortunately (for most) at some point, the paradigm shifts and a turn for the worse is realized….

Pride comes before the fall…we lift ourselves up and the higher we go, the farther we stand to fall. There are countless examples of start-up business owners who experienced great success in a short period of time only to find themselves in over their heads, alone. Pride tends to give us all a sense of false hope. The more we accomplish the more we feel we can accomplish and we begin to over-commit. Every time we say “yes” to something new in our lives we say “no” to something current. Commitment is essential for any level of success in any area of life but over-commitment is a recipe for disaster.

In my experience the most successful people are the ones who are most content with their position in life. Successful people are not tempted by the “what could be beyond reasonable pursuit.” Successful people have accomplished much with a capacity that is manageable. Successful people have deep and thriving relationships and at some point achieve time-freedom. Successful people all have taken the time to define “enough.” Lastly and most importantly, successful people understand that success is not for self-indulgence, it is for service.

From a leadership standpoint, the most successful leaders are also the best servants. The best leaders have a sincere and genuine interest on the people whom they serve. The best leaders understand that their own success is not solely the product of their own doing, but rather a collective effort on the part of all those they serve. After all, how can you ever hope to lead if you do not have the capacity to love?