Progress is Far From Perfect


I guess it’s safe to say that 2015 is here to stay. Oh yeah, welcome to month #3!

2015 has the potential to be the best year of your life. Will you give it the potential to be so? It really is that simple? Your approach has everything to do with the outcome. Shift your focus away from perfection and find the progress that you are more than capable of making. We possess the capacity to improve but our perspective will shape the application and affect the outcome.

Let us start with the end in mind? “Start” you ask yourself? Yes, I understand that we are now over 2 months into the New Year BUT, it is never too late for improvement AND THAT MY FRIENDS, is the point of this post!

Imagine that today is Sunday December 31st and that 320 days have passed. If I asked you to paint that picture today what would you create? If you could assign an image to the illustration that is your life in 2015, would would it be? Regardless of how the year has started, you now have a clean canvas on which to redirect your trajectory.

Think about your life today, what does it look like? Are you content, comfortable, complacent? Do you feel as if you are living a lesser version of your best life AND DO YOU HAVE THE DESIRE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT? This doesn’t have to be life-altering but it does need to be deliberate. The decision is yours, where will you go from here? Think about the potential outcomes of the decisions you are making today, tomorrow, next week? How will these decisions influence your actions in the months ahead? And for that matter, will these decisions impair your potential for progress?
Remember that 2015 can be filled with progress if you take the time to plan your potential. Might I suggest the following approach:

1. In consideration of the following areas of life:


Define your potential by making note of where you versus where you want to be.

2. Plan your progress by identifying your priorities.

Specifically, in each of these areas, what is one thing you can start and one thing you should stop to move you closer to your potential?
This is a powerful 1-2 punch that will find you firmly in place on your path to progress in 2015.