The Impact of Integrity

In my heart of hearts, I sincerely believe that integrity is the most desirable character trait in all the world. Integrity is not a word that is used often or in the general trajectory of daily conversation. It is much easier to speak about than it is to practice so I wanted to share a few examples of what I feel integrity looks like:

Integrity accepts responsibility if there is ever a question of fault.

Integrity assigns credit elsewhere for personal success.

Integrity does what it says it will do, no questions asked and no strings attached.

Integrity takes action on commitment long after the feeling in which the commitment was made has passed.

Integrity does for one what it wishes it could do for many.

I have been extremely fortunate to have seen integrity in action throughout my young adult life. The people that posses this character trait are honored, respected, admired and LOVED. If you are anything like me, you learn through mistakes. You live wide open but make every effort to establish lines of accountability. It is far easier to experience character flaws in those around you than it is in yourself. As human beings, we are selfish by nature and are always quick to defend. No doubt, we carry good intentions but intentions are not enough. We’ve all heard that “actions speak louder than words” but can we honestly say that we make the effort to act louder than we speak?

In conclusion, I would hope that my legacy would be grounded in integrity. I wish for my life to impact as many people as possible all based on the consistency of my actions in line with my beliefs. The worst thing that my mind can imagine is making it to the end knowing that those around me felt skepticism and suspicion as a result of my relationships….

The impact of integrity is insurmountable…..

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