Do Not Waste Your Talent...

I once heard it said that the two most significant days of a person’s life is the day they were born and the day they discovered why…

Where Will Your Potential Point You?

    Where Will Your Potential Point You?

If you are alive (which is all of us) you have already experienced the first. As human beings we were created on purpose and for a purpose. Now, you had nothing to do with the first BUT…the second is a different story. Potential is the purpose of your life that you are currently pursuing. No matter how content you are with the present, there is always greater potential for the path you have chosen. I’m not suggesting that aim for perfection, but as Jack Welch so eloquently stated in his book “Good is the Enemy of Great.” On the other hand, if the events of your life thus far have left you frustrated, disappointed or confused it is never too late to re-evaluate your potential.

Don't Be Scared to Start Over!

Don’t Be Scared to Start   Over!

Let’s look a closer look at potential from two different perspectives, both of which we have already mentioned. Perhaps you are a top level CEO or an accomplished entrepreneur. You have spent your entire life preparing for this role. Your path has been characterized by hard work, discipline and focused training. You have put your social life on hold in order to feed your focus. Success has found you, but it wasn’t easy. You are at the top of your game and have received the recognition that comes with notoriety. Ultimately you feel as if you are living your greatest potential. It is not until you reach this level of insight that you can begin to reach new levels. Potential grows with success and your ability to continue on your path has everything to do with you willingness to adapt. Even if you are making millions of dollars per year, there will always be an opportunity to become a better you. What does that look like exactly?? You first “get it” and then “give it.” Control is an illusion. Your greatest potential as a successful human being is in teaching others what it is you have learned so that they too can realize the success you have achieved.

Find it and then give it away...Your Potential is for the benefit of those you love!

     Find it and then give it away…Your  Potential is for the benefit of those you  love!

On the flip side, maybe life hasn’t worked out according to your plan. Perhaps you were hit with a bit of an unlucky streak? Maybe, a series of poor decisions have left you in a precarious situation. Whatever your case might me, there is a definitive gap between where you are now and where you would like to be. This gap is a tremendous blessing, but it is currently masquarading as a burden. It is not until you learn to look past your current adversity to find your advantage that you can begin to pursue your potential. You could start with your interests. What do you do when time it at your full discretion? Are you active and enjoy the great outdoors? Do you love to travel and get away any chance you get? The world today if filled with opportunities and you are limited only by your imagination. If you want it bad enough and you love it, you will find a way to pursue your potential directly into a new profession!

Chase it, Live it, Love it!

                    Chase it, Live it, Love it!