Hear what other’s have to say after listening to Bo Parrish speak…

Barry Siff, VP, USA Triathlon Board of Directors 5430 Sports

Craig Lanza, Signature Service Executive at AT&t

Helen Phipps, Biomedical Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton

Tim Hola, Sales Manager SmartWool

Jim Ristow, Territory Sales Manager Timex

Tom Schuler, Owner Team Sports

Guillaume de Zwirek, Marketing Director FindTheBest

“I’ve listened to a lot of motivational speeches and Bo really connects all of the dots to nail an extremely powerful message. His story has inspired me and others to live with passion!”Matt Russell
Professional Triathlete
“I have known Bo Parrish for over three years but I only recently learned of the medical difficulties to which Bo suffered throughout his teenage and early adult life. Bo made a decision to make the best of a difficult situation and chose to live his life as a positive influence to all those have been fortunate to spend time with him. Bo’s story is inspiration and his message is relative to anyone who has been scared of the unknown.”Kyle Marcotte
Bo reminds us that each of us has a story to tell, and through the sharing of his story, encourages us to overcome whatever obstacles prevent us from being who we want to be. Bo overcame a lot of fear in order to realize the sweetness of life that lay beyond those fears and inspires each of us to boldly face our own challenges and embrace the fulfilling life that awaits us.”Cindi Bannink
USAT Triathlon Certified Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist
“Bo Parrish’s story inspires me, he has overcome so much throughout his life and continues to battle Crohn’s disease while racing at an elite level in triathlon. I only wish i had as much strength and determination as Bo to reach my goals and live life to it’s fullest. His public speaking skills are fabulous. He is so polished and I know he’ll go far with this endeavor!”Christiine Hammond
Professional Triathlete