Concern and Control

The Frightening Nature of Fear

In any given day, how much media do you consume? Media comes in all shapes and sizes you know. Whether its Fox News or CNBC, the Wall Street Journal or USA Today, or even NPR or Bloomberg Radio…there is no shortage of information flooding our minds in any given hour. The question remains, to what affect […]


Making a Milestone

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of becoming a published author. I am not exactly sure where this desire originated but it has been alive and well for the last 15 years of my life. You might be asking “if you have wanted to write a book for so long, then […]

The Courage to Quit

  You either have it or you don’t… Do you have the strength to surrender? Do you possess the ability to recognize the reality of your life as it currently stands? If so, what does that picture look like for you? If what you see is anything less than desirable then something has to change. […]

The Irony of Life

I cannot think of a better way to say it than the writers of the Pop-Rock band, Lit:  Jeremy and Alan Popoff, Jay Blades and  Kevin Shellenberger in the classic “My Own Worst Enemy.” The opening lyric says it all: It’s no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy…. The greatest irony in life is […]