Problem #9: Anger

Today’s post is part 9 of a 10 part series: 10 Problems with Perfect

The 9th problem associated with perfection is the most toxic.
The 9th problem associated with perfection is the most devastating.
The 9th problem associated with perfection is the most practical for the majority of us. GOSH, THAT IS SCARY!

Anger is something we all experience on a daily basis. Think about your triggers and consider yesterday.

  • Did you forget to set your alarm?
  • Did your spouse or kids use all the hot water ahead of your shower?
  • Did someone cut you off in traffic?
  • Did your boss give credit to a co-worker for your great work?
  • Did the waiter get your lunch order wrong?
  • Did you get caught in rush hour on the drive home?
  • Were all the treadmills taken at the gym?
  • Did your spouse attempt to cook dinner and burn it?
  • Did a telemarketer call just before you got in bed?

Whatever happened yesterday to cause your blood to boil, chances are its going to happen again. It might not happen tomorrow or the next day but it is bound to happen more than once. So, now that anger is positioned at the forefront of your mind, lets take the concept over the bride and apply it to perfection. When you get to the point when you find that perfection is impossible, YOU ARE GOING TO BE ANGRY.

This is the point where your plans fail, and fail big time. This is when you make plans to build a new house and discover that you got passed over for a promotion at work. This is when the business you have dreamed of starting fails and you have nothing left in the bank. This is when you forget your anniversary and your spouse takes it personally.

Perfection is impossible, so why would we allow ourselves to become angry when we finally discover it? Let me save you the heartache and  plead with you to focus on joy. Expect that your plans might not work and be thankful anyway. Do not allow the possibility of failure to hinder your efforts, but open your mind to the possibility and be thankful for whatever happens. Anger is most commonly a reaction where joy is more of a choice.

You will never be perfect, THANK GOODNESS AND BE GLAD. Joy is just the thing you need to overcome the anxiety that results from imperfection.