Problem #8: Unforgiveness

Today’s post is part 8 of a 10 part series: 10 Problems with Perfect

Eventually you will discover that your path to perfect has no end. I hope that occurs sooner rather than later. If there is one subject that I feel  completely authoritative on, it is imperfection…I chased it for 26 years and nearly lost my life as a result. In fact, I have a 24/7 365 day of the year reminder of imperfection. It looks like an 8 inch scar that resulted from the incision point of my March 2006 life-saving surgery. I wish with all my heart that you do not have to learn the hard way like I did. After all, that is why I am writing my manuscript!

When you reach the point where you are all out of options and you have tried everything imaginable to reach perfection, you will realize the value of forgiveness. No doubt, you crossed many people on your ruthless journey. You did whatever you had to and followed your ambition even despite the warnings of your closest friends. Everyone else could see the collateral damage that you were causing, but it didn’t even so much as phase you. Nothing was going to stop you from reaching perfection. Due to the impossible standards you placed upon yourself, you imposed the very same thing on those who love you.

Little mistakes, you regarded as catastrophes. You became a ticking time-bomb and your loved ones feared what they might say or do to set you off. You were living in a state of complete and total unforgiveness. Sadly it is a hazard that accompanies the path.

So, if and when you get to that breaking point and actually start to notice that there are other people in the world who care about you perhaps you will see your need for grace. For 13 years I was a terror to live with, living in my own prison of pain. Despite my atrocious attitude and dismal disposition, my parents loved me (to do this day I don’t see how!) It wasn’t until after my life was saved that I was able to see the madness I had created. I had to step back and realize that life was NOT about me. It was in the moment that I was able to turn my unforgiving nature that resulted from a chronic illness into a point of grace.

Both grace and unforgiveness are choices you can make. I have tried both and the former is nothing short of liberating. I recommend you go with what’s behind door #1, if you catch my drift!