10 Problems with Perfection

The problem with perfect is that it paralyzes our potential

There is no such thing as perfection, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Nothing in life lasts forever. Change happens and can be the difference in thriving and merely surviving.  The majority of people in the world today are creatures of habit. We are attracted to what is familiar and establish routines to protect against uncertainty. We seek personal comfort and avoid anything that could potentially interrupt the status quo.

The problem with this mindset is that it can easily lead to mediocrity and obscurity. We rob ourselves of potential greatness due to fear of the unknown. We do what is necessary to get by rather than taking chances that could lead to breakthroughs. Unfortunately we cannot change the fact that our lives will change. The opportunity comes with our perception of and reaction to change. It is not a temporary inconvenience but a blessing in disguise. If we could bring ourselves to see beyond the initial inconvenience and focus on the possibilities, the trajectory of most of our lives would be drastically different.

Today I want to introduce a new 10 part series to begin on Monday. I have found that this is a good number to outline specific problems associated with perfection. Over the next 2 weeks, we will discuss the nasty side effects of perfection and I will attempt to point out the benefit of doing the EXACT opposite. Here’s a little sneak peak:

  1. Paralysis (opposite is taking action)
  2. Impartiality (opposite is passion)
  3. Anxiety (opposite is peace)
  4. Identity crisis (opposite is purpose)
  5. Depression (opposite is joy)
  6. Self-Centeredness (opposite is generous)
  7. Comparison (opposite is contentment)
  8. Unforgiveness (opposite is grace)
  9. Anger (opposite is joy)
  10. Tunnel Vision (opposite is flexibility)
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