Today serves as the 4th installment of a new 6 part series: “Life on Purpose.” The design of this series is to deliver short, practical steps for living life on purpose. The title of each post will serve as the theme for the day. These steps are not intended for deep thought, but rather for taking action. I hope you enjoy…


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1. Passion…..“Your Purpose in Practice”

2. Your Purpose (the ONE thing that you and ONLY you can do!) (a.k.a “The Goal of Life!”)

This post will be the most uplifting  to this point. Today, you need to examine the pain that you have overcome. Remember, you made a conscious decision to do so…

Make record of both the mindset and activities that allowed you to persevere. The pain that you persevered through will take you to your passion.

Your passion will lead you to your purpose. Think of your purpose as “hitting the play button on your passion!”

On Friday, we will continue this series by taking inventory of your specific passions and plan the practical outlets for finding your purpose.