Today serves as the 3rd installment of a new 6 part series: “Life on Purpose.” The design of this series is to deliver short, practical steps for living life on purpose. The title of each post will serve as the theme for the day. These steps are not intended for deep thought, but rather for taking action. I hope you enjoy…

Happy Monday and Merry Christmas season! Today’s post doesn’t exactly fit in with the joy associated with this time of year….I guess you’re gonna have to get over it!

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Today’s action is the result of step #2, which we discussed on Friday. There is simply no way around it; once you deliberately take action, pain in some form or fashion will follow. So, with that in mind I hope this perspective helps:

1. Pain (ANTICIPATE so as not to be surprised)

2. Perseverance (decide ahead of time)

This post is designed to address your mindset, think of it as mental training. You must learn to drop the victim mentality and adopt the victor mindset. Any time change occurs, pain will tag along.

Perseverance is a choice. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN….PERSEVERANCE IS A CHOICE (it is entirely up to you)  and it must be made ahead of time.

Expecting pain will allow you to endure rather than escape.