Today serves as the 5th installment of a new 6 part series: “Life on Purpose.” The design of this series is to deliver short, practical steps for living life on purpose. The title of each post will serve as the theme for the day. These steps are not intended for deep thought, but rather for taking action. I hope you enjoy…

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By now I hope you have begun the process of reflection. Perfection was never the goal, but purpose is absolutely essential. These last several posts have been centered around a process designed to help you identify your purpose. With your purpose in mind, I would like to ask you to craft a…

1. Personal Mission Statement (short summary that states clearly what you stand for.) THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

Mine: “to encourage and inspire others that change is a blessing and not a burden.” Now, you go!

By crafting your personal mission statement you will be  much more likely to live your life on purpose and with a purpose.

In summary, this post was designed to assist you in creating a personal mission statement. Now that you have found your purpose, you need to decide how you will live it. What gets repeated will eventually get rewarded. What gets measured, matters!