N = “Nerves”

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Part 14 of a 26 part series.

Nervous or Nerves of Steel? Not to say that one is better than the other; we just need to establish the groundwork for the direction of this post…

Nervous energy can be a fantastic thing; it all depends on how you channel it.

Nerves of steel or stoicism; this too can work to your advantage.

I love competition in all shapes, sizes, forms and fashions. One of my favorite parts about race day is observing the other athletes as they prepare. Some wear emotions on the sleeve and look as if they are ready to freak out! Others are more guarded and carry a stone-cold posture all the way to the starting line. Me, I tend to keep my excitement pinned up. I do not typically warm up, preferring to release all of my nervous energy as soon as I hear the gun blast!

Of course, “nerves” can apply to other areas of life as well. Group sales presentations, keynote speeches, first dates, etc.

Anytime your action is required for evaluation, nerves can be triggered. I just thought it might be nice for you to consider which category you fall into!

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