O = “Optimism”

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Part 15 of a 26 part series.

Don’t you just love optimism? Its intoxicating if you think about it. How you can stay mad and smile at the same time? How can you argue with a “glass half-full mindset?”

Optimism is a necessity of life; this world is hard enough without carrying a negative attitude around all day. Today, I can promise you that something is going to happen that you weren’t planning on. Anticipate it and decide ahead of time that you will maintain an optimistic outlook on the day. You know that you cannot control what happens to you and the actions of other people. You also know that you are not the only human being occupying this space we call earth. Open your mind to the certainty of adversity and plan your response ahead of time.

Optimism is easy when you think about it. Optimism is assuming the best. Optimism is giving others the benefit of the doubt. Optimism is “others-centered” above self. The power of your mindset is incredible and will allow you to move through the day with a lighter heart.

Today, I challenge you to think positive thoughts all the day long. Tonight when you get home record the number of times that you were able to place a smile on the face of a fellow human being.

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