Finish Strong…

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Today is the last day of April so let me ask you one simple question:

“How are you going to remember this month at the end of the year?””

No matter how the first 29 days have gone, you are now in position to finish strong! If April has been a fantastic month then you have momentum..don’t let up now. If on the other hand, April has been a month to still have this day to make it memorable. What will you do?

In the time since my near death experience over 7 years ago, I have become hyper-aware (I think that’s a word?!) of the moment. Sure, I have plenty of bad days every month. I get in funks that last longer that I would like. But just as certain as tough days will come, finishing strong has risen to the highest point in my mind.

This moment is all we have so our actions become much more discernible. What we do today has the potential to influence the entire month thus far (or at least how we feel about it.) So let’s get practical…

2 questions:

1. How do I continue the incredible month that April has been to finish strong? (This one’s easy and I hope you’re not disappointed with my answer so here it goes…KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING!)

2. How do I redeem the difficult month that April has been on this last day? (Serve someone in ANY way. Cook a special dinner for your spouse. Call you Mom and tell you how much you appreciate her. Pay for the person behind you in the grocery store check out line.) You get the picture!


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