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Ever wonder what goes into the production of a race expo?

I hope this post is an interesting to read as it was for me to produce. I had no idea the amount of preparation and set up time required to pull of an event like the Country Music Marathon health and fitness expo.

Nashville, TN is one of many stops on the Rock N Roll Marathon Tour and I am now convinced that these people have this entire process down to a science. I was working on behalf of 3 of my sponsors and found myself on hand from the beginning of this wonderful production.

My experience began on the loading docks at the brand new Music City Convention Center. As I pulled my car (packed full of running shoes) up the ramp to the loading zones, my eyes were met with 18 wheelers sporting the Rock N Roll Marathon logos:

IMG_2231 IMG_2232

There was everything from stages to manequines being pulled from these massive rolling storage units. My car was dwarfed by these babies, but there was no time to gawk. The attendants on site were enforcing the 15 minute unloading time like drill sergeants. We had to move quick but I couldn’t help but marvel what was going on around me. Once inside the building, the construction of the expo was well under way…..




There were over 30 well known endurance brands represented at the expo and each had their own unique setup to display. Booth sizes ranged from very small to extra large depending on sponsorship contributions. Again, I was very impressed by the sheer production of the entire thing!
After living “behind the scenes” of the Country Music Marathon expo for a day, I have gained a new appreciation for the time and effort that goes into pulling these events off. I share this experience in hopes that you too will take a minute to appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that go into planning and producing marathons, triathlons and cycling events. I have definitely scoffed at the price of race entry a time or two in my day, BUT NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE and I hope it will for you as well :-).

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