Are You Leaking?

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.

Sweat, sweet sweat! Ah yes, it cools us when we’re hot and reminds us of just how important it is to drink. Sweat is a friend and should be treated so!

It is a medical fact, that dehydration hinders performance. The difference between an exceptional race and an average one could very well be hydration. The body needs fluids to function, not only in a race but during everyday life. We understand the importance of hydration when we feel thirsty and the natural inclination is to drink.

Devastatingly enough, the vast majority of us fail miserably when it comes to hydration in cold weather. When its cold outside, we are less likely to sweat. When its cold outside, we do not always feel thirsty. But here’s the thing…when its cold outside, our bodies STILL need adequate hydration. Just because you’re not “leaking” on a 25 degree run doesn’t mean you don’t need hydration.

I am as guilty as anyone on this subject and I feel a bit hyprocritical writing these words. I am simply trying to help by encouraging you not to make the mistakes I have along the way. So the next time you head outdoors to train, make sure you are hydrated to the extent that you will be performing. YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU LATER!


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