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How much is enough? What will have to happen in 2014 for you to call it a successful year? Think this through as you read on…

What is your most important project within the next 6 months? This does not have to be related to your physical fitness. It is important to consider that all areas of your life are interrelated. Your body will affect your mind, good or bad, so don’t pretend you can separate the two.

If you don’t know what enough looks like, how will you know if and when you arrive? It’s extremely healthy to define your parameters before you go. Every race has a start line followed by a finish. Each year begins in January and ends 365 days later. We all know that the sun will rise each day and eventually set. These are natural boundaries that we learn to live by.

The value of enough lies in personal gratification. Enough allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment. Enough provides for a variable that can be measured. I would encourage you to define your enough before too much of the year gets away from us.

For example…

it is not enough to say you want to get faster; it is enough to take 5 minutes off your personal best race.

it is not enough to say you want to make more money; it is enough to shoot for an extra $5,000 bonus.

it is not enough to say you want to spend more time with your family; it is enough to plan a weekend getaway once per quarter.

If you don’t define enough…NOTHING EVER WILL BE!



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  1. I’ll share my “enoughs” for the year. Make over $50k whether by promotion or career move. Spend a week in Maine with my family. Lastly, I want to see our church start 24 Bible studies. Lots of little goals too but those are the major ones.