Round 2: It’s Not About You

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Round 1 is done…

Congratulations you have successfully completed your first full month of your new life. Your focus has been entirely on you, and that’s ok. You have gone through a period of change and much discipline was required. Along your path, you may have alienated yourself just a tad. Remember, round 1 is done.

Today starts round 2, a new month that is. Let me remind you that life does not center around you. On this Saturday February 1st, thank your spouse, thank your kids or whomever you feel close to. These a dear people represent your support crew and they loved every minute of round 1 focused on you.

So how ’bout this…today, ask your spouse or your best friend to take a long walk with you. You have clearly experienced significant fitness gains in the last 31 days so don’t be afraid to go out of your way today to make your loved ones smile. After your walk, take your friend to breakfast and verbally express your gratification for the support they have paid.

Not only is round 2 NOT about you, but it is an opportunity to invite someone to experience the early signs of transformation exactly as you have. Remember, you are not an island and you will never sustain the pace you are currently on without the ongoing love and support of those around you.

Round 1 is done….Round 2, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!


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