Finish Strong…

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman. Today is the last day of April so let me ask you one simple question: “How are you going to remember this month at the end of the year?”” No matter how the first 29 days have gone, you are now in position to finish strong! If […]

Behind The Scenes…

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman. Ever wonder what goes into the production of a race expo? I hope this post is an interesting to read as it was for me to produce. I had no idea the amount of preparation and set up time required to pull of an event like the […]

Country Racin’ Ya’ll!

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.                       Race Report #2: live from Music City USA!  

Run Like You Stole Somethin’!

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians, and Ironman. In honor of Nashville’s Country Music Marathon, I wanted to reach out to all of you who are running here on wherever you may live with a picture of encouragement… Don’t over-think it….. Run hard, run fast, but above all else, RUN FUN!         […]

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman. Think about all the blood, sweat and tears you put into your training. Those super early mornings and all the fun Friday nights forgone..You worked your tail off to prepare for this race, no question about it. As important as physical training is for the body to […]


This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman. No one is above the rules.. I learned a very painful lesson during my first race of the 2014 reason that I would like to share for your benefit. PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID! Take one look at this picture and you will know […]

My Official Race Report

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman. With every race, comes a report. This may be a bit much so skim over it if you must! I would love to hear any/all feedback you could offer: New Orleans 70.3 Race Report on Timex Multisport Team Blog.  

How to Shop the Expo

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman. What is it about a race expo that is so captivating? It could be the excitement of the moment. Perhaps its the appeal of your future accomplishment and commemorating it with so much SWAG! Expos are certainly willing to accept any donation you decide upon, I just want […]

the BONK

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman. If you’ve ever experienced one, you’ll never forget it. Hopefully, you’ve only experienced ONE… On the other hand, if you are not familiar with this concept, watch this short video clip. (This is not for the weak of heart.) Painful, isn’t it? So you might be asking yourself […]


This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.   There is no way around it… At some point you are going to have to train your body to transition from “cycling legs” to “running legs.” Inevitably, the last transition in a triathlon will move you from the bike to the run. If you know its […]

No more “one day”

This post is rated Sprinters and Olympians.     Ditch the “bucket list.” Erase from your mind the phrase “One Day.” You don’t have the luxury of tomorrow if you really think about it. Stop saving the best for last, do not put off for tomorrow what you could do today. Find your passion and […]

Race day for 70.3/Ironman

This post is rated Ironman.             Part III of III in the Race Day Preparation series: The longer the distance, the more mental the focus becomes. Anyone can go out for an hour and race at a breakneck pace. With a minimal amount of training, most people can complete an […]

Race Day for Olympians

This post is rated Olympians.               Yesterday I posted for Sprint distance triathlon racing, today is for the Olympic distance race. Your race will cover .9 miles of swimming, 25 miles of cycling and 6.2 miles of running. So here we go.. NUTRITION An olympic distance race is a […]

Race Day for Sprinters

This post is rated Sprinters.               First and foremost, I would love to know when and where your first race of the season will be. Please share as a comment to this post! Let’s talk preparation! Are you excited, nervous maybe a little bit of both? Let me assure […]