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No one is above the rules..

I learned a very painful lesson during my first race of the 2014 reason that I would like to share for your benefit. PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!

Take one look at this picture and you will know where I went wrong…




Ok, here’s my point..Had I done a better job with my pre-race planning, this could have easily been avoided. This applies to you for your first race or your five hundredth race. As I said before, no one is above the rules and my carelessness cost me a painful week!

Might I suggest that you come up with a pre-race checklist? Perhaps something along the lines of a full body assessment?

Start with your head, what will you need? Hat or visor, goggles, swim cap, sunglasses. Anything else?

Next, move down to your upper body. racing singlet, wetsuit, body glide, SUNCREEN…

Ok, now you’re getting it. Lower body follows and all the way down to your feet. By going through this full body assessment, you will be assured of including all your race day essentials.

Oh yeah, one more thing…write it down and do it ahead of time. Do not wait until the day before the race to make your checklist!


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