Your “why”

AID STATION: You’ve already accomplished the most important task toward improving your physical endurance…YOU MADE THE DECISION! Now, the secret ingredient (if you will) to hold your focus is in your “why.” Why is it important that change your current physical state? Who are you doing this for? What will keep you going when you feel like quitting? The next thing you need to do is develop your “why.”

I once heard a quote that speaks to the heart of this matter….

“If Your Why Doesn’t Make You Cry, Your Why Is Not Big Enough.”

I mentioned it once before but I feel it needs to be repeated. What will keep you going on Feb 5th when the hype of the new year has worn off? And for that matter, what about April 22nd when all your friends have long abandoned their once fresh fitness goals? You see, anyone can start something new. Anyone can pay for a gym membership or buy a new pair of running shoes or even hire a personal trainer. Anyone can decide to become physical fit, BUT NOT EVERYONE CAN STAY THE COURSE….

Think about that for a moment. Will you still be pursuing your physical goals long after the mood you set them in has left? Allow me to let you in on a little secret. MAKE SURE YOUR WHY MAKES YOU CRY!


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