The Secret

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Never before in the history of mankind has competition been greater. With the dawn of the internet, information has become instantaneous. We read of new training techniques and new equipment that promise us breakthrough performance. It seems as if everyone is looking for an edge….

Is there really a “secret” to outperforming your competition? It has been my experience that one single factor influences the outcome of performance above anything else. This one thing has nothing to do with the latest and greatest equipment nor the most ergonomically-sound body movements. As a matter of fact, the “secret” is more intuitive than innovative!

Think about the composition of the body. When we are born, our bodies are roughly 80% water decreasing to 60% by the time we reach adulthood. Let me say that again…by the time we are competing as endurance athletes, over half of our body mass is made up of water. The intuitive nature of this one thing is that above all else, our bodies need to water to survive. We are not talking of merely surviving, but rather THRIVING! Thriving in this case translates into optimal race day performance.

As you prepare for your upcoming season, let me encourage you to focus on the one thing that you can control about competition. The better job you do at staying hydrated, the better your body will perform. Your body needs water to survive, BUT YOUR BODY DEMANDS WATER TO THRIVE!

The secret to your performance success in 2014 = water, water and more WATER!


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  1. Great Post! I’ve been getting 1/2 oz of water per pound of body weight a day for a while now. On the days I hit it, I feel much better than the days I dont! great reminder!

    • Adam, isn’t it crazy how simple the most important things usually are? We try to over-complicate things more often than not. Who would have thought that water could make such a big difference? Thank you for sharing my friend. What does your race season look like at this point?

      • No real plans yet. I’m just starting to get back into thing after some time off from injuries. Possibly a half marathon this spring and probably a full in the fall.