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Writing from the perspective of triathlon, which in its nature is multi-faceted, this post may seem a bit contrarian!

“How to get stuff done.” What a simple yet profound consideration…

I recently read the biography of John D. Rockefeller entitled “Titan.” The book is most well known for the 3 Rockefeller Habits and the principles are widely taught even to this day. Rockefeller lived his live according to 3 very simple rules:

1. Have a list of no more than 5 rules to live by in any given season of life.

2. Repeat these rules often.

3. Act consistently with your rules.

The book made a very strong case for simplicity, consistency and accountability. So, lets apply the Rockefeller habits to your training and racing in 2014.

1. What has your racing experience taught you up to this point? In light of your past experience, your present circumstances and your future goals what few rules can you enlist to guide your season?

2. Now that you have your short list of rules, write them down and repeat them verbally to yourself until they become hard wired into your brain.

3. By now you are intimately familiar with your rules and so you have arrived at the simplest of the 3 habits. LIVE YOUR RULES. In other words, “walk your talk.” If I were to observe you in your training or racing would I be able to determine the rules you set for yourself?

In summary, the single greatest plan for GETTING STUFF DONE in your athletic pursuits this year is to make rules, repeat rules and live rules.


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