Super Sunday

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There might be a little football being played tonight…

Have you heard, the Seattle Seahawks are playing the Denver Broncos in the first cold weather Super Bowl in history!

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday and in light of these great athletes that make their living on the gridiron, let me challenge you to take your training to a “super” level.

Ok, it’s early so you still have time. What do you have planned for your workout today? Are you excited about it or are you dreading it? Isn’t it funny how powerful the mind can be? Put yourselves in the shoes of Peyton Manning at this very moment. Could you imagine the pressure he must be feeling at this very moment? Ok, snap back to reality, we are talking about your workout for the day.

Whether or not you have plans to party around the game tonight, this moment is about you. Can you fix your focus on the task at hand and dare to go a bit deeper? Imagine that you are indeed a professional athlete and today the world is watching. Can you go faster or longer?

Can you shape every stroke as if you were Michael Phelps, while you stream through the water?

Can you ascend the mountain on your bike as if you were riding a stage on the Tour de France?

Can you sprint the last mile of your 8 mile run as if you were Ryan Hall?

Today, be Super! Today, stretch yourself. Today, act as if you were a professional athlete getting paid to perform. If nothing else, you will experience the glory of knowing you left it all out there and can now sit back and enjoy the Super Bowl!


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