Scurry through the Stress

What does stress look like in your life right?

Is it circumstantial or is it consistent?

Does it happen at a particular time or does it come and go?

Here is what Webster has to say about stress: “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”

Seems pretty accurate to me, you? I have found that the more attention I give my stress the bigger it becomes. Sure, there are things that happen to me everyday that cause “mental and emotional strain.” I am a human being and I live in an imperfect world. I encounter plenty of situations everyday that fall into the category of “adverse/demanding.”

Although we cannot always control what happens to us, we can chose our focus. When I can start the day with self-imposed physical stress, my mind and emotions are more relaxed. I have found that running takes the edge off.

Can you relate?

Do you tend to be a bit edgy early in the morning?

What is your morning routine?

AID STATION: Running sets me up for a good day. When my body is moving, my mind is preparing. The rhythm of my stride allows me to plan the day ahead and anticipate potential areas of stress.


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