Tricky “Tip”

I wanted to share some “insider-information” with all you early morning runners out there!

Well, let me open this up to a broader group. For those of us who prefer to run on the road as opposed to the sidewalk, this tip is for you too!

Visualize with me for a moment a 4 lane road. You have 2 lanes of traffic moving in one direction and 2 lanes the opposite separated by a double yellow line. Think with me beyond the traditional boundaries of the road to the area dedicated to the shoulder. Just before the sidewalk begins, there is a white painted line that serves as the outside border of each lane. Here is where my “tip” comes into the picture.


If you are able and possess the required coordination, try to position your stride directly on top of this white line. The painted finish of this outside boundary allows your shoe to glide rather than plant. You know the feeling you get when the roads are wet? Each time your foot strikes the ground and before you pick your foot up, you get just the slightest gliding sensation. I am here to tell you that if you can maintain your balance and keep your stride centered on this white painted line, you will glide like a gazelle!

AID STATION: Practice balancing your stride on the white painted line positioned on the outside shoulder in the road. This will allow your run to feel faster and more satisfying. I know it sounds crazy, but just give it a try!

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