Ready? Set? Go?

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

What is the first word we hear when lining up to go? “To-go” can be anything from a race to simply starting your day, but it is hard to dispute the sequence of an age-old phrase:

“Ready, Set…Go!”

What does the world “ready” mean to you? (Let that sink in for just a moment.)

Never has this world been filled with more distractions. We live in a 24 hour society and leave little room for rest. We rapidly move from one activity to the next and my concern is that we aren’t as prepared for the next thing as we could be…

I am absolutely in love with this quote by Abraham Lincoln! It makes me think back to the day in which he lived and lead. Abe Lincoln was a pioneer in his day, a famous strategist and deep thinker. Lincoln had the intestinal fortitude to prepare. Lincoln did not allow himself to be swept up in the emotion of the moment. Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as one of the most successful Americans this world has ever (and will ever) see.

How might you apply this quote to your next big project? Or for that matter, how might you apply it to your next meeting?

Think about how preparation could affect the outcome of your next exchange….

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