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Today my wife Marietta and I celebrate our 73rd anniversary!

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly, I did say “73rd.”

Are you scratching your head yet? Have you thought to yourself “impossible” or “this guy is off his rocker!”

How could it be that a 35 year old man and is wife are celebrating an anniversary that is older than their age??

Let me challenge your thinking just a bit…let me stretch your imagination…let me take your mind to a place beyond its normal thought trajectory!!

Please allow me to introduce you to the concept of MONTH-A-VERSARY!

As far as Marietta and I are concerned, LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO PASS UP AN OPPORTUNITY TO CELEBRATE! 

Don’t ask me how we came up with the idea, but consistently without fail for the last 6 years we have done something to commemorate the 12th of every month of our marriage! Maybe its just me and my incessant need to remind myself how truly lucky I am, but we don’t miss a beat on the 12th!

Here are just a few of our “month-a-versary” celebrations:

dinner dates at local Nashville restaurants, painting pottery together, picnics, bed and breakfast stays, camping by a fire, me cooking dinner for her, scavenger hunts, art museum tours, wine tastings…

My point is that it doesn’t have to be over-the-top fancy by any stretch of the imagination. I can honestly say that this has done more to keep our marriage alive and fresh than anything. There are so many things about being a husband that I stink at…but if its one thing I DON’T stink at is celebration!

Heck, if you were me, wouldn’t you??

Look at my SMOKIN' HOT wife!!!

Look at my SMOKIN’ HOT wife!!!


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