Marathon, not Sprint!

AID STATION: Perspective is the name of the game. You doing so much more than accomplishing new year’s resolutions. You are beyond the 21-day mark and are now living a different life. You feel better, have more energy and have probably developed a brighter mindset. That is, I hope you have! You are on a path that will lead to a better life. Resist the urge to speed up the process. Be sure to reflect each and every day particularly in this early stage of development.

We live in a world that tells us “if some is good, more is better.” I know that you have the picture of your ideal body at the front of your mind. You are seeing progress, no doubt, but I’m guessing you might wish for things to be moving faster?

Let’s consider a word picture as I continue. Think about the physical build of a sprinter vs a marathon runner. Sprinters are extremely muscular and well defined. Sprinters train their fast-twitch muscles which are built for explosive measures. On the contrary, marathon runners are long and lean. Marathon runners are built for the long haul and are usually more balanced.

Fortunately life favors the “marathon” as most of us live at least 75 years. In order to move through life with the greatest joy and satisfaction our physical bodies must be conditioned. Its one thing to live an active life for the first 25 years and give it up because life got too complicated. It is a far greater thing to watch 75 and 80 year old marathon runners perform as if they were teenagers.

My point is, resist the urge to sprint to your goal of peak physical condition. Take it slow, your body has to last for an entire lifetime!

Here are 2 pictures of me running. The one on the left is at the finish of a marathon. The one on the right, at the finish of an Ironman. Do you notice any difference?


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