Are You Nervous?


AID STATION: Guess what, you are SO close to that magic number…Are you scratching your head wondering what the heck I am referring to? Today is the eve of your 21 day mark. The magic of 21, experts say is the point of no return. You have committed yourself to a new physical routine and have seen results. You’ve experienced the ups, downs and all-arounds in your quest for improved fitness. So, make sure your will is beefed up and ready to go tomorrow morning. You can’t quit now.

When you wake up tomorrow morning, it will be day 21. You spent today celebrating your tremendous success thus far in 2014. Tomorrow is no different than day 4 or 13 or 19…Make sure you remind yourself of that.

Live today as another step on your path to peak performance. Remember your commitment, call a friend if need be and tell them that you will train today. Execute your plan and recover appropriately.

Let me let you in on a little secret…stick to your plan today and day 22 will be that much easier. You can do it, now sleep tight!

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