Impossible, really?

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Impossible is nothing more than someone else’s opinion of your pursuit. How much longer will believe this lie? What potential greatness are you robbing yourself of due to fear and uncertainty that comes with the notion of “impossible.”

If you can dream it, you can do it. You are an endurance athlete, not only in sport but in life. Life is full of surprises. You were created with natural abilities and you have developed some along the way. The process you have undergone to fine tune your abilities has developed your confidence. If you love to swim, you choose a path of swim discipline. You are enjoying great swimming success now due to effort that you have consistently devoted over the years.

If someone were to tell you that swimming 5 miles in one effort was “impossible” you would laugh at them. Why, because your experience tells you otherwise. You know that you are capable of accomplishing this feat, because your confidence is high. Impossible on the other hand, would more likely be associated with an area of weakness.

Erase the word, “impossible” from your mind…THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Rather change your beliefs on the task at hand and commit yourself to the discipline you developed in building your strengths. Unknown-2

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