An Old Dog with New Tricks!

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Did you know that are 12 age groups represented in triathlon? I’m quite certain that this is true for running as well. Endurance sports are unique in the incredible range of age group athletes. At any given event during the year, there are 15 year olds and 80 year olds swimming, biking and running their ways to the finish line.

The sport requires discipline and not just from a physical standpoint. Much planning and preparation goes on behind the scenes at every weekend event. I commend the efforts of the parents of young teenage athletes who assume responsibility for the transportation and logistics of these weekend races. It is no small order to hand deliver a 13 year old triathlete to T1.

While I admire the focus and discipline of all age group triathletes, this post is in honor of our older competitors, hence the title “Old Dog With New Tricks!” This photo was taken at the awards ceremony for the 70.3 World Championships at Lake Las Vegas this past year.

80+ age group awards presentation.

80+ age group awards presentation.

Yeah…you read that correctly, “80+ age group award!” The guy who won his age group was 84 years old and looked not a day older than 60. Truly amazing…these are the folks who make our sport so memorable. Age is just a number and “retirement” is not for the weak at heart!

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