Good Morning!


There is absolutely no better way to start the day than with a great run! Today was one of those mornings when everything felt effortless. I began my adventure around 7 am just as the sun was beginning to rise. The air was cool, 38 degrees to be exact. I glided as if I were running on clouds. My breathing was perfectly in sync with my stride and my legs felt like a gazelle! My path took me to several different areas in Nashville including David Lipscomb, Belmont University, Music Row and Downtown. This was a run that I did not want to end. I ran for 90 minutes covering just over 13 miles.

Can you relate?

Do you share my passion?

What do you love about running?

Do you run for the simple pleasure of it or do you train for racing?

AID STATION: Running has taught me discipline. It has taught me focus and commitment. I have determined that in the last 7 years, days with running are far better than days without.

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