Everyone should “tri”

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Do you enjoy trying new things? If so, I am guessing you are somewhat adventurous and I commend you for that! Now, let me ask a more specific question. Do you remember the first time your tried to ride a bike? What about the first time you tried to swim? What happened, were you any good that very first time? Of course not, there are very few things in life that we try one time and experience immediate success.

Think about that for just a second..you are great at what you do today because somewhere along the way you added tenacity to “trying.” With each attempt, you gained confidence and your confidence guided your effort to the point when you became relentless!

I guess I am a bit biased but I believe with all my heart that triathlon is the best sport on the face of the planet. There is not another sport that can be enjoyed over the course of an entire lifetime that provides a greater benefit to your overall well-being. In any given weekend at any venue you will see 5 and 6 years as well as 80 year olds. There has got to be something more about the sport than what meets the eye. How could triathlon carry such widespread appeal, if it weren’t truly special in its own unique way?

Triathlon tracks so well with the daily challenges of life. The transition from swimming to biking to running mirrors the seasons of life that we all experience. You probably favor 1 of the 3 sports just as you devote more of your time during the day to the activities that you love. With regard to adversity, we have all heard it said that we are either currently in a storm, just leaving a storm or about to enter a storm. With triathlon, you may hate the swim and love the run. You will start every race miserable but by the time you dismount on your bike, you will have new wind in your sails!

Look, here’s the bottom line…If you ever tried to swim or ride a bike (and I know you can run) its time to combine the 3 and “try a tri!” Sound crazy??? You may just love it! BUT YOU GOTTA TRI.

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