Benefits vs. Consequences

The post is rated Olympians and Ironman.

Can you remember back to the time when you first caught the itch? You know, that insatiable desire to train. You may have experienced success in a local race, received consistent encouragement from a group of friends, or simply resolved to get in shape. Somewhere along the way, you made a choice…

Do you know that every choice you’ve made since deciding to pursue endurance sports, has led to a benefit or a consequence? As human beings, we have been given free will which manifests in choice. We choose our sport, we choose our distance, we choose our nutrition. Hopefully by now more of your fitness choices have led to benefits that you are currently enjoying. Benefits come from consistently choosing the wise thing to do.Training regularly, eating healthily and getting adequate sleep are all examples of wise choices that lead to a great benefit…improved athletic performance!

I recently listened to a sermon by Andy Stanley, Lead Pastor at North Point Community Church in Atlanta. His message was centered on the subject of time. He explained that doing something one time only carries neither a benefit or a consequence. If you skip a workout, there will be no immediate consequence. On the flip-side if you have not been active and decide to do a 5 hour workout one time, there will be no immediate benefit.

What choices have you made in the past that have led to the benefits you are now enjoying in life? At the same time, ponder the choices you have made that have led to negative consequences. What would it take in light of your present circumstances and your future hopes and dreams, to make more of the choices that will ultimately lead to benefits?



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