“D” = Determination

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Part 4 of a 26 part series.

Life is filled with disappointment. As a matter of fact, disappointment occurs at some level most every day. The key is how you deal with disappointment. It can certainly lead to discouragement, but that’s no fun and its certainly not original…

What if you turned your disappointment into DETERMINATION? What if you could see disappointment as the first step toward rediscovery? Determination is available to anyone who has the capacity to see beyond the moment. Determination is the result of countless disappointments with the mindset of refusing to settle.

Determination is available to everyone, but unfortunately it is not “the way” that is most taken. I cannot think of how many disappointing performances I’ve had over the years in triathlon. BUT THEN AGAIN, each year I become more and more determined to set new personal records.

Disappointment is a part of everyday life, there’s no way around it….DETERMINATION is a choice and it starts with you in this very moment!

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