Comparison is the Opposite of Contentment

This post is rated Sprinters (and just as a friendly reminder, here’s what I mean)

Today is a big day. How do you feel? How do you look? Are you satisfied or are you disappointed? 

Today is the 30th day of 2014 and you are well on your way to changing your physical future. I want you to revisit your resolutions set 30 days ago. What did you tell yourself you were going to accomplish? Be honest with yourself, did you do it?

Herein lies the question in a subtle state…How do you define success?

Success is not a size that measures “one fits all.” You may have told yourself that you would exercise every single day, and if that’s the case you should be 30 for 30. On the flip side, your goal could have been to exercise 5 days each week. The point is, be content with yourself if you hit your goals. Resist the urge to compare your results with those around you. If you are not completely satisfied with your progress thus far, step up your goals in February.

Remember, your competition at this point is with yourself. Do not compare, it will only lead to discontentment. Unknown-3

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