The Thermometer Lies…

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Man, it’s cold outside! I cannot remember a time when the temperatures have been this consistently low. With the cold weather of recent weeks, I had an insight that might be helpful…

Think with me for a minute…does perception equal reality? Or better yet, does preparation equal reality? You may look at the thermometer before you dress for an outside run or bike ride, but there is no way to perceive the actual feeling before you go.

My goal is to help you PREPARE next time you brave the elements. As a general rule of thumb, when training outside in the winter, it feels at least 10 degrees colder than what the thermometer reads. Your core body temperature is what is most important.

Layering your clothes is the best approach as it allows for maximum movement. It is much easier to generate heat when running as opposed to cycling. In fact, you may want to plan for a little less before a run, or decide a good location to peel layers along the way. The opposite is true on the bike. I’m not sure you can wear too much when it comes to riding outdoors in the cold. With that being said, here is my recommendation:

Skull cap (maybe 2) under your helmet.

Sunglasses (even if its not sunny) to protect your eyes.

A one piece base layer, bibs that pull up over the shoulder, light weight wool long sleeve top and a wind-proof jacket.

Booties on your cycling shoes that cover wool socks.

Mittens on your hands (fingers together generate more heat that fingers apart.)

Oh and if its colder than 30 degrees, you can guarantee you won’t see me out there!



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