Art on the plate!

My wife is an artist, yet she cannot even so much as draw a stick figure!

My wife is brilliant with colors, her imagination is a thing of beauty and her ability to craft a presentation is picturesque…

Are you scratching your head yet?! Ok, no more talking…time to start showing:

Tantalizing Tuna w/Napa Cabbage slaw

Tantalizing Tuna w/Napa Cabbage slaw

This was a dinner that my wife recently prepared and I didn’t know if I should eat it or frame it! The picture is worth more than the words I have in my vocabulary to describe it.

As I said on Friday, I know I am EXTREMELY lucky to be married to such talent. BUT, with all sincerity I tell you that you too can create art in your kitchen.

If you have the discipline to follow a recipe, you can easily create anything you set your mind to. Not only will enjoy a delicious meal better than any restaurant can produce, BUT you will also gain the satisfaction in knowing that you were responsible for producing it.

You gotta try it, who knows you may uncover a gift you never knew you had!

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