You “tri” so now…KPI!

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman.

These last several posts have been extremely intentional. I wanted to communicate the importance of goals and that you do more than “just have them.” I hoped you enjoyed the various aspects of the SMART goals review.

Key Performance Indicators, aka “KPI” serve as the official measurement of your goals.
If all you ever do is “have goals” that never get reviewed, you are wasting your time.

Experience is NOT the best teacher; EVALUATED EXPERIENCE is the secret!

So, how do know if you are close to accomplishing your goals? Why not “tri” the following KPI’s:

1. Decide the target (this is anything that can be easily measured and reported.)

2. Hours spent per week (decide the amount of time it will take to reach your goals.)

3. Establish check points along the way (decide the necessary steps and where you will realize progress.)

4. Confidence rating (regularly ask yourself how you feel about your progress toward the goal.) ***THIS IS MORE OF A GUT FEELING, BUT NO LESS IMPORTANT.

5. % complete (decide the full % that you can complete during the time period and measure your progress toward the final %. Ex. 10% of 100% complete.)


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