World Class: “why not?”

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.


It doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel your role on this earth is, BE GREAT AT IT. If you are an assistant to a mid-level manager, make sure that manager feels like he could run through a brick wall! If you are a top level executive at a Fortune 500 company, don’t take your job title for granted; seek to inspire those whom you lead. GREATNESS is so unique in our world today. We call identify great performers both in the business and sports and entertainment worlds. The great ones all have one thing in common, they are world class thinkers!

World Class Thinkers BELIEVE!

The Great Ones Possess Supreme Self Confidence

The World Class Are Coachable, School Is Never Out For The Great Ones

Champions Know Why Their Purpose

The World Class Operate From Love and Abundance

Champions Are Zealots For Change

The Great Ones Aren’t Afraid To Suffer

They take ownership of their actions and make no excuses for their outcomes

We all have one life to live. We cannot choose how or when we will die, but we can choose how we will live. If you are alive and well today, you made a choice. Think about what it would take to be great? Are you great, WHY? Are you NOT, WHY? Think about the traits listed above and determine if any describe you at this point in your life. You need not be a highly visible person to be great. Everyone benefits from greatness, the world is a better place when we are all pursuing greatness. I believe that we were created to thrive, not merely survive. I also believe that there is something deep within us all that longs to be remarkable.

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