Who’s Your Hero?

Marietta Parrish, Boston Marathon Finish Line

Marietta Parrish, Boston Marathon Finish Line

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Why do you train? Why do you race? What inspires you to sweat each and every day?

In order to sustain a consistent pace in the sport of life, you must develop a “why” that is bigger than yourself. Some would call this reason (if indeed a person) a HERO.

Who is your hero? This is the person that keeps you going when every ounce of your being wants to quit. This is the person whom you think of when you don’t feel like running another mile. Your hero is your most valuable asset and I would ask that you visualize that person right now as you continue to read.

This beautiful lady you see here just so happens to be my hero! Marietta Parrish, collegiate runner and owner of over 50 marathon finish lines…greets us with a smile after completing the Marathon World Championships, aka “The Boston Marathon.” I have a GREAT hero, I have an incredible wife!

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