Tri it…


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So you’re a runner? Or maybe you’re a cyclist…Maybe, just maybe you’re a swimmer? Am I you considered yourself a one sport athlete?

Well, have you ever had a desire to do something different with regard to your physical activity? As a matter of fact, have you ever considered WHY it is you see yourself as a runner? Did you grow up running, were your parents runners, did you compete on your high school track team?

Does the thought of jumping on a bike scare you? If I asked you to swim the length of the pool, would you kick and scream?

All I’m saying here is…there has never been a better time to TRI! (The spelling here is intentional…) Now I’m not saying you have to go and out and buy a bunch of fancy equipment but I am encouraging you to replace one of your running workouts this week with a swim. Rather than getting on the spin bike AGAIN, why not jump on the treadmill? You may notice sooner rather than later that your body will respond in a favorable manner. Do you know that cross training actually makes your strength ever stronger?

Routine early on with anything new is good because it ensures continuity. But, you are beyond beginner and its fine time you TRI something new. Go make it happen…and make it happen tomorrow!


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