The Big Picture

Just this past week, I read a quote by a famed columnist that led me to an “ah-ha” moment. With that in mind, I wanted to share it here with you:

“In my experience, the people who see their lives as part of a great drama tend to be the most liberated of all. That doesn’t mean individual chapters aren’t difficult and painful…But if you believe your story has an Author and Direction, that there is a purpose even in suffering and that brokenness in our lives is ultimately repaired. It allows us to live less out of fear and more out of trust. That is true of us as individuals and it’s true of us as citizens.” -PETER WEHNER

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This quote reminded me of the following core convictions (that I don’t allows seem to follow…)

-Life is not about me.
-Life is hard.
-Sometimes there isn’t a “bright side” and that’s ok.
-Pain is a blessing that requires patience to experience personal gain.
-Whatever I believe about myself, good or bad, is true.
-I am the sum total of my thoughts.
-I am not in control of outcomes, but I can actively seek out opportunities.
-Suffering is a requirement for success as pain is necessary for the discovery of purpose.
-Pride prevents me from being vulnerable which increases the strength of my pride.
-I am broken because I am self-centered and require of myself that which I am incapable of providing.
-Fear and faith cannot co-exist in my life.

We’ve all heard the age-old cliche: “Inch by inch life’s a cinch, but yard by yard life is hard.” I think there is profound truth in this message. I have learned (yet often forget..sometimes on a daily basis) that perspective is essential for human sanity! When I live for the moment, my problems just seem to be bigger than what they really are.

One simple exercise that I have recently picked up: when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, stressed or fearful I ask “Will this matter one year from now?” If that answer is no, I move to “Will this really matter 6 months from now?” If still no, then I move to one month and one week respectively. I love the columnist Peter Wehner’s words in so many ways but most of all because they remind me to stay focused on what really matters…THE BIG PICTURE.