T = “Tenacity”

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Part 19 of a 26 part series.

Before you start thinking I’m crazy…after all I did write a post yesterday about surrender, give me 45 seconds to articulate what might appear to be an oxymoron!

Tenacity means so much and combined with the right mindset can lead you straight to your purpose. Tenacity is never giving up in the face of adversity. Tenacity is pursuing those actions that you have complete control over. Tenacity means staying one more hour or practicing one more shot. Tenacity does not necessarily leave when its quittin’ time.

Now, lets consider the content of yesterday’s post and use it as a strategic overlay to today. Surrender is necessary to move beyond the things you cannot control. Surrender will help you see the things you can control that much more clearly. We need to spend as much time with the things we can control and as little time with the things we cannot. Surrender and tenacity make a perfect pair when it comes to pursuing your purpose.

Surrender says STOP…
Tenacity says GO, GO, GO!

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