The Secret to a Smile

Its Not What You Think....

Do you consider yourself a funny person? When you are out with friends, are you the one sharing all the stories? Would it be safe to say that more often than not, you are the center of attention? If so, then why? Yes, why? Have you taken the time to consider why other people find […]

The Payoff of Perspective

Priorities and Passion

What is about perspective that feels restrictive? I don’t know, it just seems that I am most often “reminded” of perspective when I am in full pursuit of my passion. Its almost as if perspective represents the ultimate buzzkill. Can you relate or is it just me? My passion of triathlon has created an extreme […]

The Art of Conversation

It's Not What You Think

Why do we identify the best and most eloquent speakers as being the best conversationalists?  We just assume that the ability to speak translates to a natural ability to carry a conversation. Let’s consider the upcoming 2016 Presidential election with all its many candidates vying for consideration. Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump; they all are polished speakers. […]


Opportunity or Obstacle?

This morning I recorded a podcast on the topic of opposition. I enjoyed my conversation with cohost Dave so much that I decided to share in the form of a blog post. I hope you enjoy… Opposition is everywhere. Every day we are met with opposition in many forms. Perhaps you were denied an invitation […]

Concern and Control

The Frightening Nature of Fear

In any given day, how much media do you consume? Media comes in all shapes and sizes you know. Whether its Fox News or CNBC, the Wall Street Journal or USA Today, or even NPR or Bloomberg Radio…there is no shortage of information flooding our minds in any given hour. The question remains, to what affect […]