Your Purpose is NOT 4 U…

Perfection is impossible, but purpose is imperative…(and involves 2 key steps:)
1. Find it (your purpose, that is)

2. Give it away

I’m not a huge fan of “self-help” resources. As a matter of fact, I think the concept is completely out of line. Constantly seeking to become better versions of ourselves is the epitome of imperfection. The pursuit of perfection is an entirely self-centered journey and isolates us from the very resource that is crucial to significance in life.


We were not created for isolation but as social beings. We all desire to belong. Community is what is necessary to lead us to our own unique purpose. Your path to purpose will require blood, sweat and tears; there is simply no way around it. Sure, there is a certain level of pain and discomfort that you can handle on your own but eventually you WILL hit your breaking point. In that moment, where will you turn?


The journey is your’s but the destination is not. For each of the last 5 months, I have strategically guided you down The Purpose Path as the substance for what will be the foundation of my book to be released in July. We started with Potential which led to Pursuit. Potential is the difference between where you are and where you want to be. Pursuit is all about that first step towards closing the gap. Next came Pain and Perseverance. Pain is the result of your pursuit and most always comes when you engage in change. Perseverance is the conscience decision to overcome the obstacles that pain creates even before it occurs. On the other side of Perseverance is Passion which paves the way for Purpose!


Whether or not you have engaged with me on this journey, your purpose is waiting. Even if you disagree with my supposition, the world is counting on you to find and live out your purpose. You see, there is only one of you. No other human being that has ever walked the earth can say that your purpose has previously been discovered. This path is your’s and your’s alone (not to say that I’m not cheering for ya’!)

2 of life’s greatest moments are first, the day you were born and second (without question, more importantly) is the day you discovered why. When you find your purpose, your joy will surpass anything you could have ever imagined and you will blessed with the deep desire to share. In fact, the your sharing will be the physical manifestation of your care. I hope you already there. If not let me implore you and plead on behalf of your fellow man, don’t stop..the cost of irrelevance is too much for you (and us) to bear.