You say vs. They say

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.

You write your resume….They write your epitaph.

Think about that for a moment, I mean really think about the trajectory of your life. This post might make you a bit uncomfortable, but I intend to stretch you.

What are you telling the world about yourself? What are some of the things you listed on your resume? If I were to overhear you meeting someone for the first time, what might I hear? After knowing that someone for a year, would his or her thoughts match what it is you told them to begin with?

What does the world say about you? Remember, you do not get to write your epitaph…

How do you wish to be remembered BUT BETTER YET, HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE KNOWN?

Are you a people person or are you shy? Are you adventurous or reserved? Whatever form you take in this life, you are communicating something about yourself to the world. Consistency is so easy to talk about and carries with it a universal appeal. Why is it that consistency is often hard to practice? Our feelings aren’t always reliable and are often reflected in our actions. Is that a good thing? I don’t know, only you can make that determination.

If you are waiting to leave your mark on this world, then stop…Make absolute certain that whatever it is “you say” aligns with what “they say.”




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