Worry is a Waste

Why in the world would I write about worry (particularly in light of my current focus which is purpose?) Whether you realize it or not, you will relate to the harsh reality of this message…

“Worry is a double-whammy…it makes no contribution to the future and it most certainly steals from the present.”

This statement could very easily be the most profound truth that I have heard in the past 10 years. Yesterday at church my pastor delivered this statement and I was hooked like a large mouth bass on a flashy lure! Whether or not you are a person of faith, we can all relate to this ridiculously worthless practice. I love the way his statement describes the devastating nature of worry.

Let’s take this last week for the purpose of illustration. What were the main things that you worried about over the last 7 days? Relationships, your nutrition and fitness, perhaps work related matters? Now, let me dig a bit deeper…Did any of the things that kept you up at night actually occur? I have found that 90% of the things I worry about NEVER HAPPEN, yet I continue on worrying with the worst of them.

Worry is our way of controlling the uncontrollable. Worry gives us a false sense of security in that we are actually doing something about an outcome we have no control over whatsoever. This is crazy and certainly beyond my intellectual understanding, but I continue to make worry a regular practice of life. Not only does worry do nothing to alleviate my concerns, but it adds anxiety, frustration, disappointment and haste.

Stop worrying and Start working!